From Shelters to Sex Work: A Young Feminist’s Journey Fighting for Women’s Rights 

By Claire Wild

For my first blog post, I’d like to share just a little snipit of myself and how I came to this work.  I volunteered in a domestic violence shelter when I was 13 for the Gifted and Talented program in my middle school. I was young but extremely emotionally intelligent and altruistic. And I truly wanted these women to start “sticking up for themselves” (my 13 year old brain).  As I started exploring all the ways I could make a difference in the world, I continued to be an activist for different causes, mostly centering around women’s issues. I majored in Women’s Studies in college seeking to uncover access issues for women and minorities to higher levels of government internationally. I was also very curious about female led tribes and societies throughout the world.   In 2004, I marched on the Washington Mall for a Woman’s right to choose her own reproductive experience.

These experiences were very intriging to me but there was a yearning for something more. Perhaps I was looking at myself and wondering what my unique self expression in the world truly was. In 2006, I experienced a communal living experience, quit my day job and started making lotions and soaps that I sold at fairs. This truly was a unique self expression for me. That same year I went to burning man and began having some unique love experiences.  This was brief and amazing and yet I knew there was something more to the puzzle for me.

In November of 2015 I met my therapist who we’ll call Sarah. She is a PHD Sexologist and knows more about human self expression than anyone I’ve ever known. Things developed quickly until one day in late February she said the words that both thrilled me and gave me the biggest panicked feeling of my life: “you should strip!”

No kidding. She actually said that. Because she was right. This would have been a most excellent self expression for me!  I looked into it further, attended my first SWOP gathering, and realized I didn’t want to strip and instead was absolutely titilated by what they called FBSM!!  It was at this first SWOP gathering that I met the woman who would be my first mentor, Christina Slater…. Within 3 weeks of meeting her I had 1,000 photos, a website, and 2 amazing reviews from gentleman who will forever have my adoration!

I have heard that the universe rapidly and breathtakingly falls into place when something is meant to be…. That is what truly happened in March of 2016 for me!!!!