So many adventures!

After Venezia I went to Firenze for 4 days and saw the most amazing art – all the great renaissance artists including Michaelangelo, and the like!  I had pretty great food including gelato and pasta that were toe curling!  But what topped it all was when I flew to the Island of Sardinia on Saturday!  Molto bellissima!  Each day, here is my routine starting at 9am: wake up, meditate, have an incredible breakfast at the hotel of Sardinian sausages and cheeses, cappucino, fresh fruits and chocolate croissants. Next, walk around the town or take a beach excursion. Then, go on Trip Finder, refer to Lonely Planet guide or go to, follow my intuition to decide where to go next. Book a hotel there and then get in the car and drive. It has been a week of amazing adventure, meeting wonderful people (highest concentration of centenarians of anywhere in the world!, and experiencing the best beaches of the world!  My favorite beaches so far have been Stintino and the island Isola Spargi which is where I’m sitting right now to write this post. I feel like I’m in heaven!  It’s a deserted island that I could absolutely never leave except for the fact that there is no vegetation here.  I will definitely be back to this amazing place someday again!

“Perfection may be beautiful but beauty is not necessarily perfection.”…

This is La Pelosa beach on Stintino, Sardignia, Italy

I was able to go topless on this secluded beach off the coast of La Maddalena called Isola Spargi!  I felt like Madonna in “Swept Away”!


Venezia bellisimo!

My first day in Venezia was good despite being very tired from a very long journey to get here!  I thought I bought a pass for the grand canal boat tour but it was for the lagoon. Took it round trip without getting off just to use it a little. Really wanted to see Venezia proper. Decided to see it on foot.  Ended up going to 3 museums (including an entire exhibit on architect Zaha Hadid from Iraq named by Forbes one of the most powerful women in the world!-google her – her buildings are absolutely imaginative beyond imagination!!), ate my first ever pizza in Italy, heard beautiful singers, saw the most number of designer stores in one concentrated area I’ve ever seen, bought a beautiful Murano glass necklace, tried on Italian lingerie, accidentally got a super expensive sea bass for dinner, delicioso tiramisu at a tiny dessert place, and for the grand finale – got lost on the back roads of Venezia and realized that you really can’t get lost!  I simply turned around, looked for the next sign for San Marco and found my way again. Ahhh…. Beautiful Venezia!

Addio Miei Amici!

Leaving for Italia shortly!  This is my first major solo adventure trip ever and something I’ve been dreaming about for years!  Solo travel has an exhilaration all its own. Its a combination of nervousness and excitement, risk and anticipation – just like this hobby we are a part of!  I believe that humans need a unique combination of known and unknown, fear and excitement, routine and variety.  Ill be exploring all of these things for myself over the next two weeks.


Venice for 2 days

Firenze for 4 days

Island of Sardinia for 8 days